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The goal of Serdna Law Office is to provide you with high-quality legal assistance in all major areas of law. We are flexible in trying to adapt to your needs. As a small law firm, we are able to maintain personal contact with our clients and delve deeply into the specifics of each client's field of activity. We are a reliable partner for you, who will help you find the best possible solution to your legal problem.

Our desire is to offer you high-quality legal aid at a reasonable price. Therefore, we also do not see the need to rent permanent and expensive office space, which would ultimately be paid for by customers. We prefer to use modern virtual rooms or temporary office space to meet clients. Your meeting place can also be your location or a cozy cafe. We value a free and trusting atmosphere in customer communication. We operate mainly in Southern Estonia, but thanks to digital opportunities, we can offer the service all over Estonia.

Unlike many legal service providers, we are honest about the perspective of the case and do not take unnecessary actions in perspectiveless matters that would only cause you further harm. If there is a lack of our knowledge and experience in a particular case, we will also cooperate with other legal service providers and, if necessary, refer you to a more competent legal advisor in a specific field.

It is important for us that legal aid is available to everyone who turns to us. Therefore, we are flexible in terms of both fees and payment terms.

We hold the privacy of your personal information in the highest regard, and we treat the information you entrust to us as confidential, and all of our legal documentation is encrypted and are not accessible to third parties.

Our lawyers have a master's degree obtained on the basis of a state-accredited curriculum, which gives us the right to represent you in court proceedings and ensures the quality of legal services. We serve our customers in Estonian, Russian and English.

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Tallinn University, Master of Laws (2017)

University of Tartu, Bachelor degree 2011)


Earlier work experience:

Previously, Andres has worked for the Tax and Customs Board for almost 10 years as a special proceedings lawyer and misdemeanor officer, which has given him thorough knowledge and experience in the field of tax law, insolvency law and criminal proceedings (incl. in various court proceedings). Due to his specific experience, Andres has developed a very good overview of the interrelationships between different areas of law and the peculiarities of different procedures, which help him to see a broader picture than a single legal problem may be.


Before joining the Tax and Customs Board, Andres has worked in various positions related to the field of internal security (incl. as a police officer).


Since the establishment of the law firm in 2015, Andres has advised clients in very different areas of law in addition to his main job.


Languages: Estonian, Russian, English


Membership: Estonian Taxpayers' Union


Our contacts

Our contacts

Tel: +372 5824 8364  

Each issue is unique and requires an individual approach, so we encourage you to contact us for an initial legal assessment using the form below or by contacting us directly by email or phone. The initial short consultation is FREE.

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